About Us

Who We Are

ASG SCIENTIFIC was established in the year 2020, as a professional vendor for equipment’s and materials for research in field in energy conversion and storage, various types Glove boxes, Spectroscopic Products, SEM, TEM Grids & Microscopic Products, Different Substrates & Wafers, Sputtering Targets, Evaporation materials, Nano powder & materials and different Lab instruments, Vacuum pumps and Furnaces. In addition to our kits and products, we also undertake consulting works for clients looking for customised instruments and furnaces as per the requirement. Our main branch is located in Kolkata, with  its well organized network in all over India.

Our Vision

We want to be the most valued business partner of all of customers in R & D.

Our Mission

To Help every customer in Research & Development and have apositive memorable experience.


ENERGY: Capture opportunities & make things happen…

EXCELLENCE: Do things better than others in our R & D Industry…

EXCITEMENT: Foster openness, respect & trust to create excitement….

Our Values

ASG SCIENTIFIC has been focused mainly on product development and operations of lithium battery and its surrounding, we supply full kinds of lithium-ion battery equipment, materials and lithium-ion battery research and development technology. Our clients mainly from university laboratory and research institute all over INDIA.

We are one of the leading Supplier for Research, development and technology related products in the forefront. We have built many laboratory research lines for coin cell, pouch cell and cylinder cell, by supplying our products and now, we are developing in pilot scale production line.

We are capable of supplying equipment according to customer’s different requirements. “Profession, Valuable, Sincerity” is the mission of our team, earning us a sound reputation among our clients.

We have a more than 8 years professional and experienced team to supply perfect services for you.

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